New Exhibitions

07.12.2023 – 12.01.2024
BBK-Mitgliederausstellung 23/24

19.01. – 26.01.2024
Galería Gaudí

Structures – seriality as motif

Since I started my career as an artist I have been inspired by geometric patterns, serial arrangements, the multiplicity of structures and dominance of special colour combinations which I find in nature/surroundings and which are reflected in my pictorial themes. The structures and aesthetics of seriality serve me as a theme.

Sometimes it’s the vertical lines of the grass and stems that I focus on. Other times, it’s a cluster of fruits with shapes and dynamics that fascinate me. In the artistic rendition of the chosen motif, I enlarge and multiply the selected elements to establish a rhythm and opt for the color dominance of a particular tint.

Cornelia von Detten

„Sometimes the senses of the human eye that allow us to perceive the colour red reach their limit of sensitivity.“

Cornelia von Detten

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