Structures of nature –

seriality as motif

Since I started my career as an artist I have been inspired by geometric patterns, serial arrangements, the multiplicity of structures and dominance of special colour combinations which I find in nature and which are reflected in my pictorial themes. The structures and aesthetics of seriality serve me as a theme.

One time it’s the colour scheme of an orchid leaf that I bring into focus. Another time it’s the hairy pistil of a flower which fascinates me and which, taken out of its context, unfolds in its own hairy way in my transmission of the image. When painting the theme, I enlarge the pistil in an exemplary manner, intensify the colours and increase the contrasts.

Cornelia von Detten

„Sometimes the senses of the human eye that allow us to perceive the colour red reach their limit of sensitivity.“

Cornelia von Detten