Serial technique as
a stylistic element

In her paintings, she shows a special interest in the serial representation of flowers and details. Blossoms, leaves, stems and grasses are assembled in an additive manner. Cornelia von Detten uses the serial technique as a stylistic element that matches her definition of aesthetics. Her systematic approach is based on a previously defined artistic concept.

Dr Karin Wimmer
Art historian and gallery owner

Unimagined luminosity

The cycle represents a process of always new approaches and results. The focus is on the variety of one dominate monochromatic colour with its shades and colour tones , which suggests always moods. It transports the whole gamut of different moods, such as energie, joy, lasciviousness, passion, eroticism, tension and also aggression. Furthermore this is intensified by the linear rhythm of the exterior form and his internal structure. In future, I intend to continue and extend this cycle with additional larger formats.