Cornelia von Detten
1964born in Wesel at Niederrhein, Germany
1983completion of high school
1984-89studied at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich with Prof. H. Sturm
Since 1986 studied art history at the LMU Munich
1993completed doctoral Thesis in Art History with Prof. H. Körner in Düsseldorf
Since 1993lectures in science and design
Since 1990 as a freelance artist

The artist lives and works in Munich and on Lake Ammersee.

BBK Member
Berufsverband Bildender Künstler München and Oberbayern EV

Exhibitions & Projects
Since 1990numerous solo exhibitions and participations in exhibitions in German and abroad
Since 2010project-related artistic work in connection with the spatial planning of private and public space concepts/ Interior design

Sometimes I approach my objects through drawing. For example, I have developed graphic patterns from dandelion parachutes and pollinated the whole drawing paper with this structure. Also, collages have emerged where I first disassembled the individual properties of a special flower motif, such as colour, form and structure, and then reassembled them in an additive manner on the canvas. I like to experiment here.

Photographic possibilities serve me as a source of inspiration as well. Macro and micro photography as well as altering perspectives allow me to change the viewpoint, choose a detail and highlight the specifically selected angle. The photos are the starting point
for the sketches that emerge.

„I paint objects as
I think them,
not as I see them.“

Pablo Picasso